Doona is a casual RPG game. Collect materials and make items to defeat monsters. There are over 50 monsters and over 100 items.


Doona was developed for four months from January 2017. This game is the first commercial game of Incago Studios.


  • Take care of your life! If you die, it starts from the beginning.
  • Collect items to make items
  • Stages that change every play
  • Different monsters and environments
  • free!


Teaser Trailer YouTube


Awards & Recognition

  • "Google Indie Game Festival 2017 Top 20" Seoul(South Korea), 22 April, 2017

About Incago Studio

Incago Studio was founded in January 2017 by Junhak Kim(Incago).
More information
More information on Incago Studio, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Doona Credits

Junhak Kim(incago)
Design, art, code