Are you tired of archery now? It's time to play with the Tajo! Who wants to defeat the villain! Get on the Tajo! Is there a saying? What? Have you heard it for the first time? I made it actually... Tajo! A tough battlefield companion! Come on! Sweep the enemies! Combine various abilities and reach the final stage to defeat boss monsters. Do not show mercy to them. Because you are disadvantaged! main feature: • Choose a rider with a variety of attacks. • Level up and upgrade your Tajo to grow it. • Which ability to choose is your choice! • Face various battlefields and enemies. • Move and attack easily with one hand!


'Yo! Tajo' was developed for four months from June 2019. This game is the fifth commercial game of Incago Studios.



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About Incago Studio

Incago Studio was founded in January 2017 by Junhak Kim(Incago).
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Yo! Tajo Credits

Junhak Kim(incago)
Design, art, code